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Fundraising Ideas

Every penny counts! We've rounded up 8 fantastic ways to fundraise for your trip!


Crowdfunding is one of the most popular and easiest ways to raise money. Create a page on a platform like Go Fund Me and share it with anyone and everyone! Post the link to your social media and send it to family, friends, neighbors, and anyone else. Folks can choose how much they'd like to give toward your trip and can pay online with a credit/debit card.

Working on a Computer

Birthday or Holiday Gifts

Instead of asking for presents for your birthday or other holiday, ask for money towards your trip! Grandparents and other family members will be happy to contribute to a life changing experience as a gift. Make sure to set aside the money for the trip!


Sell Donuts

Who doesn't like donuts? You can sell Krispy Kreme donuts to raise money for your trip! They offer 3 ways for you to choose from: take orders and deliver donuts, sell donuts online, or a one-time sale.

Levitated Donuts
Trimming the Grass

Yard Work

Offer to do yard work for neighbors and friends for a fee. This is a fundraiser that can last all year if you'd like! There's weeding, lawn mowing, leaf raking, and snow shoveling driveways that people will be happy to pay you to do. You could even list your yard services on Next Door

Pet/House Sit

Know someone going out of town? Offer to pet sit for a fee. Even if they don't have pets, you can offer to check the mail and water any plants. Next Door is a great place to post your services!

Two Bowls of Pet Food
Garage Sale Sign

Rummage Sale

This is a great way to raise money and clean your room - two birds with one stone! Go through your room, closet, garage, and attic for things you don't use or want anymore. You can have an old fashioned rummage sale or you can sell your items on Facebook Marketplace.

Bake/Craft Sale

Use your creative skills to your advantage! You can have a neighborhood bake or craft sale to raise money for your trip. You could also take orders for baked goods and deliver them. Good online spaces to sell crafts are EtsyFacebook Marketplace, and Next Door.

Macrame Knitting

"Give It Up" Challenge

Ask for people to sponsor you as you give up a habit or indulgence. For example, someone could pledge to give you $1 for each day you don't drink soda. People could also make a one time payment to support you and whatever you are giving up.

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