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What We Do


Life Changer Trips welcomes and affirms people from all walks of life and celebrates diversity. Any high schooler is welcome on our trips no matter their gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, abilities, or faith background. We do our best to accommodate every person on our trips and accept them just as they are.

Our Trips

Life Changer Trips are for high school students (incoming 9th graders are not eligible) and we offer two kinds of trips:

  • Service Work Trips - These trips are focused on volunteer work and are not religious. In addition to service work, teens learn about issues in our world and communities and what they can do to be a part of dismantling systems that limit the quality of life for others.

  • Faith-based Service Work Trips - These trips are focused on volunteer work and are for Christians with progressive theology. In addition to service work, teens will have worship and spiritual experiences to deepen their relationship with God as well as learn about the community their serving.

Small Groups

Life Changer Trips keeps the number of people small - never going over 20 teens - so that each person can have a high-quality, high-impact experience. A majority of time on a trip is spent with your small group. Small groups of 4 or 5 are created to ensure that each student has the guidance and attention they need. At work sites a small group guarantees that everyone will have something meaningful to do and will have the opportunity to connect with those in the community. Small group time outside of service work also allows a safe space for students to explore who they are, reflect on their experiences, and be vulnerable. These groups are also a great way to make new friends on the trip! 

The Service Work

Life Changer Trips values uplifting struggling communities by being in relationship with them and listening to them. We don't do service work because it makes us feel good (although that is a nice bonus), we do it because we care for our fellow human beings. Volunteering is about the community or individual we're serving - their needs, their stories, their homes. We're there to support them - not save them or give a handout. We're offering a helping hand because that's what people do, we help each other and we know there will be times when we need a helping hand too. 

The locations of our trips are chosen based on where underserved communities are and we work with organizations that have relationships with the community and ask what their needs are. We volunteer to support those needs and work with the community. The Life Changer Trips philosophy is that we are not just visiting a community and doing charity, instead we are becoming honorary members of that community and we will continue to support them and our local communities long after the trip.

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